Vilamendhoo’s spectacular house reef is home to an array of marine life, on both sides of the island. The reef is only a short swim from the shore and provides some of the best snorkelling in the Maldives.

To go to the reef, simply walk into the water and snorkel along the reef. Snorkel through any of the 10 ‘channels’ to reach the outside of the reef, where you can swim along the ‘wall’. If the current is too strong for your experience or comfort, then return inside the reef and make your way to the beach. When done snorkelling, return through any of the 10 ‘channels’ through the reef to reach the beach.

As you snorkel, do not touch or step on the coral as it is quite fragile and can take years to recover once damaged. When you encounter marine life, maintain a safe distance, do not touch or feed the creatures.

Our Euro-Divers Dive Centre offers snorkelling equipment for rent to start your underwater adventure. For other snorkelling trips, view our list of excursions.

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